refunds on arrival, but it’s chaos


The lawsuit continues refunds of airline tickets. During the lockdown, but even in recent weeks, many airlines have continued to offer voucher instead of reimbursement for canceled flights, aircraft that were canceled shortly after the purchase by the user. The event created a certain upheaval so much so that in the end the ENAC intervened which now threatens sanctions and even the EU that warned the Government to modify the decree that provided for the possibility for air carriers to proceed with the voucher.

Ryanair proceeds with the refund

Something is changing and companies like Ryanair are ready to offer a refund. The low cost airline, in fact, since July has resumed its flights and has made it known that customers who have booked and have been canceled will receive a refund after submitting the request. It was the CEO of the low cost airline, Eddie Wilson, to clarify: “We will continue to process cash refunds as quickly as possible and encourage all customers who have not yet requested a refund to do so with our customer support team; we will process their request as quickly as possible. “

Wilson’s words come after an affair that for weeks involved the companies, which precisely with the excuse of the covid instead of repaying gave a voucher to make cash. Now, thanks also to the infringement procedure by the EU, something could start moving. Ryanair has made it known that the March requests have been reimbursed while the April requests will be completed by mid-July. By the end of the month we will move on to those of May and June.

Some customers have not received refunds

Ryanair’s words reached the customers affected by the alleged refund but apparently, as reported Travel Daily, several reports have arrived regarding refunds never received. At the well-known travel portal, some customers would have written that March refunds never arrived and that they still have difficulty contacting customer service. There is therefore a chaotic period for the issue of refunds and canceled flights.

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