Red Dead Online will receive a major update next week


Red Dead Online will receive a “massive” update next week that adds a new Frontier Pursuit and tons of community-requested features.

The update will be released on Tuesday, July 28. The Frontier Pursuit has yet to be clarified, but Rockstar promises it’s a whole new role focused on naturalism. Additionally, the update adds a new Outlaw Pass, a variety of community-requested features and fixes, as well as a vague promise of “more to discover” in the coming months.

The update comes after in-game protests by players who are upset about the lack of updates to Red Dead Online. Earlier this week, players flocked dressed as clowns to signal their disappointment at the amount of content support for the game offered by Rockstar.

In addition to Red Dead Online, Rockstar also promises a summer update to GTA Online, as well as the biggest game ever update coming later in the year that will take Heists to a new location.

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