Record-assist De Bruyne sparks discussion


Kevin De Bruyne equaled the assist record in the Premier League on Sunday and topped 20 this season, the same as Thierry Henry in 2003. However, the Red Devil came with a striking reaction afterwards. For example, KDB stated that he should have had two more assists to his name.

One of the phases De Bruyne referred to was in the match against Arsenal. Our compatriot seemed to offer Raheem Sterling a goal, but the Premier League ruled that the ball was still being touched by a defender and that did not count as an assist.

De Bruyne himself disagreed, however, and opinions are also divided on social media. One camp thinks he should always have had an assist for this, because if the ball did not deviate, it would still have ended up at Sterling. Others feel that deviating from the ball was just crucial to score. Above all, judge for yourself:

POLL: In your opinion, was this a valid assist?

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