Reconstruction of the last hours of the fatal student tho …


His body temperature was 27.2 degrees when he was admitted to Malle hospital on December 5, 2018 at 9:15 PM. How could it be that 20-year-old engineering student Sanda Dia would die such a sad death? In a self-dug well, depleted by hypothermia and dehydration, of the world after ditches of alcohol and fish oil? We were able to reconstruct the last 30 hours of the baptism by the infamous club Reuzegom, based on statements and chat conversations from those involved.

It is December 4, 2018. Today the Leuven student association Reuzegom baptizes three shafts. For the members, all Antwerp engineering and law students from well-to-do backgrounds, the annual two-day …

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