Realme X3 SuperZoom – Premium with some compromises


Every few months, a new smartphone brand emerges in Israel that tries to undermine Shiomi-Samsung-Apple’s control of the market. This summer, it’s the turn of realme – of the Chinese company BBK (which also produces Oppo and OnePlus). The more expensive model is the X3 SuperZoom that we tested, and costs NIS 2,000.

The X3 has a nice glass coating on the back, but it is thick (8.9 mm) and heavy (202 grams). It is not that the device will make it difficult to walk, but it is a bit awkward, even relative to other devices at its price.

His fingerprint scanner is embedded in the on and off button in the frame. This is an inconvenient position, mainly because it is very sensitive to random touch of a spoon pad when lifted. It misses occasionally, and is less quick to detect than other devices. The X3 is not water resistant, like other devices in its price category, and this is a compromise that needs to be considered.

The X3’s performance is very good, probably for its price. It has a Snapdragon 855 processor, 12GB of internal memory (RAM), and 256GB of storage (minus the operating system and what is pre-installed) ‘and of course NFC support. It is not possible to expand the memory with a card, but in the end it is not necessary. These are data that are usually reserved for devices in higher categories and at higher prices.

Inside the device there is a single speaker and not a stereo. Its power is very strong, but the quality is not in heaven. If you have built on enjoying it as a media device, it is better to use headphones. But like many devices in the last two years – it has no charging socket, and no adapter in the kit. Need to purchase an adapter separately or use Bluetooth headphones.

The screen in the X3 SuperZoom is 6.6 inches in size and has a resolution of 1080X2400 pixels. So far everything is good and beautiful, and for NIS 2,000 this is what is expected. But then comes the surprise, a refresh rate of 120Hz, which is not usually the case with intermediate devices. This means mostly animations and smooth transitions that are great for gaming and day-to-day use. It is more pleasing to the eye. Is there a “but” here? It is clear that there is a “but” here.

The mourning is that despite this uniqueness, its colors are less rich than other devices, and the differences between the shades are less noticeable. And in Hebrew – less fun to watch movies and series on it (why? Probably because of the use of the cheaper LCD panel, and not AMOLED).

Main course: The camera

The phone is called Super Zoom because it really has a larger zoom than a lot of expensive phones from it, and certainly from phones in its range. It has four lenses – for wide, normal photography (up to 64 megapixel resolution), macro and zoom. Contrary to that, the largest zoom is not three times, and unlike the marketing publications it is also not really 60 times, technically.

The optical zoom is up to 5 times (then the guaranteed 60 can be obtained “digitally” – enlarge the image). On the front there are two selfie cameras (with a hole in the display and no recess), for normal photography and wide photography if you want to see the background or take a group photo (when it ceases to be a social distance).

Night mode photography
Photo with 5x zoom
Normal photography

In good lighting conditions, most of the pictures come out great, as well as the video that can be shot at a resolution of up to 4K. While it is not possible to compare the quality of the photos to the iPhone and other flagship devices – and there are smears here and there, there are few devices that really cause a wow and approach the quality of professional cameras. The exception is the macro photography which according to the results, is just an unnecessary gimmick.

Shooting in the dark is not bad at all, even without the use of flash, but only at night. The picture is a bit blurry, because it’s still hard to focus, but the pictures come out completely worthy of publication or sending on family WhatsApps.

On the one hand the Realme X3 SuperZoom is quite bulky, not water resistant, and has a screen that is not the most fun to watch movies. On the other hand, for those looking for a camera with exceptional zoom, and performance at a more affordable price than flagship devices, the Realme will definitely suit.

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