Ravenna demoted to D. In the coming days the club’s board of directors: reflections on the season


Ravenna did not make it and, after the playouts established by the Federation, lost double confrontation with Fano. This relegation will lead the club to future reflections to plan the new start, as was made known through an official note that we report in full below:

“With deep sadness the Ravenna Football Club greets Serie C at the end of a season to say the least surreal.

The sadness adds to the regret for a challenge, the one with the Fano, which, given the squad set up, could have other results.

In this regard, President Brunelli commented as follows at the end of the match: “The situation was compromised since Saturday and I have to give credit to the coach Claudio Treggia who in a few hours knew how to give the team the right mentality to try. We were having a good first half but yet another defensive inattention made the feat impossible. This day is the mirror of a whole season born not in the best way. ”

Ravenna FC takes this opportunity to thank everyone, from the fans to all the institutional components of this city for the support they have given us, but also for the constructive criticisms that always provide growth opportunities.

The next few days will be dedicated to an in-depth reflection on the events of the past few months.

However, it is doubtless and also right to admit that mistakes have been made. No member of this company can avoid recognizing a specific responsibility, for such a negative outcome. But making mistakes, in a competitive and often deregulated world like that of football, is part of everyday life. We have also committed them in the past, the difference is that in the past we had been given the opportunity to remedy them on the field.

In this unique and logic-free season, every mistake was paid with interest. And above all we could not prove on the field that we deserved this category. It must also be recognized that playing eight years of good work in just 180 minutes is a solution that has nothing to do with sporting merit and fairness.

But this does not want to be an alibi for our management, only a factual observation.

Our contrary and critical position towards the playout solution adopted by the FIGC remains such and would have remained so even if our opponents had receded.

In conclusion, with the serenity that animates those who feel they have worked hard anyway, we think that this relegation should not be lived as a sports tragedy, in a year in which the word “tragedy” must be used with great caution and respect. It is, more realistically, an accident on the course that will not frustrate the human and sporting heritage accumulated to date.

In this regard, the Board of Directors will be convened in the next few days to draw more in-depth conclusions regarding the management of this unfortunate season, as well as to start designing the new goals with the enthusiasm and passion that have always distinguished us.

The press will then be convened to make the results of these reflections “.


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