Rapper Logic signs multimillion dollar contract with Twitch


That there is a lot of money to be made by streaming video games, that is no longer a secret. Twitch icons Ninja, Shroud and King Gothalion, for example, switched millions of dollars to the soon to be closed Mixer. But Twitch also signs contracts himself and has now made a big deal with the rapper Logic.

This brings her music career to an end to Sir Robert Bryson Hall II. He had been active on Twitch for some time, gaining 65,000 followers as well as more than one and a half million views. For Twitch concepts, that is not even that much, but Logic still gets a large sum of money: according to the rapper, there are six zeros involved. It therefore seems that Twitch is betting that the viewership will rise considerably now that it has the exclusive broadcasting rights to the rapper.

Incidentally, Logic was also known as a nerd as a musician. For example, he wrote an ode to Super Mario World. Today his first stream takes place as a Twitch partner, where he will reportedly release his new and final album: No Pressure.

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