Railways: the collapse of the XMPR on the Intercity Night


Several weeks after the last count, we return to talk about Intercity Night by Trenitalia.

We do this by “giving the numbers”, as often happens to us, starting from the assumption that they are not to be considered in any way official but only the result of direct observations by us and other experts in the sector.

At present the means for night service in the new livery of Trenitalia are close to 300 units, stopping for precision a 296.

Going in more detail they are present 183 berths, 56 sleeping cars e 57 carriages with seats. Entering even more specifically we have 89 Comfort berths and 160 km / h, 94 Comfort bunks at 200 km / h, 31 MU at 160 km / h, 19 MU at 200 km / h, 6 T3S and precisely the 57 UIC-Z second class.

In light of this, the state of film coating of the cars destined for this service can be considered very advanced and it is not a coincidence that it is now practically impossible to see trains with an uneven composition along the Peninsula in relation to the ICNs.

At least on these cars, which were perhaps those on which he expressed himself best, the era of XMPR really comes to an end.

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