Rafael van der Vaart advises Sylvie: ‘Don’t get married’


Rafael is visibly put into an awkward situation when the interviewer asks him about his ex’s upcoming wedding in Italy. Although La Meis is very happy with her artist Niclas Castello, the former professional football player does not want her to get married. “Don’t get married,” he says. “I don’t mean that to her, but in general.”

Raf seems to no longer believe in it, but is happy that his ex has found happiness again. “But it is positive that she will get married again and he is a very nice man. I have not met him yet (…) but I hope they will be happy.”

So two major changes await in the near future: Sylvie will go back to life as a married woman from September and Damián will emigrate to Esbjerg. There he pursues his big dream to become a footballer. He gets a contract with the local club and although Sylvie did not initially support this move, she is now behind this choice with Rafael.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the ex-couple’s fairytale wedding. Please review the images below.

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