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Radio presenter Ville Kinaret shared a wild picture of Jorvi Hospital – now warns people of what only a small wound can do – Entertainment


Ville Kinaret is hospitalized for a malignant inflammation.

Radio City morning presenter and musician Wanted China shocked his followers by posting a picture of his badly inflamed hand on Twitter. The presenter’s arm is bright red in the picture.

– Yorvista day. In the ward dripped and the kyy was relieved by inflammation quickly. The lesson of the story: even the smallest wound is an infection gate. It’s worth cleaning and protecting and not rapping, Kinaret writes in the publication.

Reached by IS, Kinaret says he suffers from a rose. health Library according to the rose is a serious acute bacterial infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, which requires immediate application for emergency care.

The type symptoms of rose are a sudden onset of high fever and chills as well as a sharp reddening and swelling of the skin. Rose can lead to untreated sepsis.

Kinaret does not know exactly what caused the inflammation, but suspects the wound in the elbow is to blame.

– I had a dry elbow, there was a small wound. The bacterium had apparently gone to the wound, Kinaret says.

Kinaret is treated at the Department of Internal Medicine at Jorvi Hospital.

Kinaret says she first noticed a small pat on her elbow.

– It was laughed at that a nipple appeared to me, it looked just like a nipple.

Kinaret searched the internet for answers, and thought the patin was possibly a bursitis due to abrasion. However, the inflammation soon worsened, and spread throughout the hand.

– Suddenly, in just a couple of days, it spread from it. Now there is a whole handu from the armpit to the fingers just like that red baguette.

Kinaret is treated at Jorvi Hospital, where the presenter has already spent three days in the internal medicine department. Reached by IS, Kinaret was visiting her home but has to return to the hospital for dripping and monitoring.

According to Kinaret, antibiotics are instilled into his blood vessel three times a day. In addition, he eats painkillers.

The presenter says the inflammation in the hand was painful at first, but now the pain has already subsided. However, the hand is sensitive to touch. Kinaret says she has also experienced other classic symptoms of rose, such as high fever and weakness.

Kinaret plans to pay more attention to wound care after his experience.

Kinaret does not know how many days she will have to spend in the hospital. The presenter is kept in the hospital at least until the inflammation of the hand begins to show signs of recovery.

– Now this is only getting worse and worse all the time. Then when they find that it starts to recover from it, then they repatriate.

Kinaret hopes to have taken wound care seriously. Instead, the presenter says he ripped the wound without thinking about the consequences.

– At worst, if it is not taken care of or taken seriously, then the whole hand can go. Okay, of course it’s rare, but even small wounds should be taken seriously.

Kinaret plans to pay more attention to wound care in the future.

– Feels so stupid, this is so stupid. I have someone with a little plea, and then I have to be in the hospital for two weeks because of it. It’s so useless.

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