Rabbi Elyashiv reveals: What would his father say about the corona virus?


a a A The Jewish world marks today (Monday) eight years since the departure of Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, the late Rabbi Yosef Shalom of the generation. Would say at this time of the Corona plague.

At the beginning of his speech, Rabbi Binyamin said: “As we know, we are in a difficult situation in the corona plague, we do not know what a day child is, many ask what we should do.

Rabbi Elyashiv with the reporter ‘Kikar Hashabat’ Avi Rabina

“He would say to be strong in prayer and to cry out to God loudly, to be strong in the measures between a man and his friend. We found at the end of the book of Samuel that there was a plague 70,000 people were killed. Radak brought in the name of the Midrash We have another piece of advice against the plague, everyone says – pray with all intention. “

At this point, Rabbi Binyamin Elyashiv moved on to tell a story that has not yet been told by his late father: “Everything we talk about will only get worse. But just something small I once heard. R. Chaim, he had a hard Jerusalemite in seeds, he corresponded with Dad. The stapler and the vision no one got along with it. He sent a letter to his father answering Pesht in Yerushalmi.

“The Prophet then said of the late Father that ‘only he who studies Torah for her name is able to say such a simplification about the Jerusalemite.’ Here, the prophet alone said of Abba Shlomo Torah in her name all these years. “

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