Quick charge of the battery within 15 minutes


The chip giant recently announced the fifth generation of its charging technology, which will allow 50% of the battery to be charged in five minutes – and fully charged in just a quarter of an hour. In addition, the charge is expected to emit less heat, thus extending battery life


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The chip giant last week announced the fifth generation of Quick Charge. The new technology will allow you to charge 50% of the battery of your smartphone in five minutes, and the full battery in just 15 minutes. The technology is expected to hit Android devices in the third quarter of this year.

Qualcomm conducted the experiments with a 4,500 mAh battery, claiming that the charge on the new platform was 70% efficient, four times faster and ten degrees Celsius cooler compared to the previous generation, Quick Charge 4. According to the technology website ZDFnet, Qualcomm’s new technology may be the answer to the 100-watt charging introduced by Shiomi. Earlier this year, the Chinese giant admitted that charging 100 watts requires a large battery, which can handle the damage to capacity over time.

It now appears that Shiomi is aligning with Qualcomm, offering the technology in its next smartphones: Qualcomm’s technology is the first to be ready to be implemented in the smartphone industry. This is the chip giant that runs many of the Android devices, so you can expect the other flagship devices to be launched soon to support it.

The technology will work on devices based on the Snapdragon 865 and 865 Plus chipsets, which are already on the market on devices such as the Galaxy S20, But will also be assimilated in future platforms that will be launched. At the same time, the devices should also support the feature.

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