Qbuzz: less demand means fewer buses and staff


Bus company Qbuzz warns employees about the possible lasting consequences of the corona crisis. CEO Gerrit Spijksma says in a video message to employees that less demand will ultimately mean fewer buses and fewer staff.

Qbuzz says that the services will not be adjusted in 2020. According to Spijksma, this was made possible by the financial space that the government has offered and it has been agreed with the clients. “But the timetable is not yet clear for 2021,” says Spijksma.

Worries with union

According to the union CNV, public transport workers are growing uneasy about the consequences that the corona crisis will ultimately have for employment. “There are far fewer travelers using public transport. At the same time, there are more and more black cyclists,” a recent survey showed, “said Job Marskamp, ‚Äč‚Äčnegotiator of CNV Vaknemers. According to the union, the consequence may be that transport companies have to reorganize or even go bankrupt.

CNV wants provinces, in their role as clients, to provide clarity to transport companies. This gives them sufficient perspective to be able to properly implement the timetable in the longer term.

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