Qara: “Those who shout about violence against protesters, ignore violence against police and call for harm to the USSR”


A representative of the inciting protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu was presented today (Wednesday) in Tel Aviv. According to the representative, Netanyahu is sitting down to dine “his last meal.” Itai Zliat, who is in charge of the representative, also placed the statue of Minister Miri Regev in front of a mirror and the gilded statue of the prime minister in the past. Alongside the performance, Zliat wrote: “The Last Supper.”

MK Shlomo Qarai from the Likud referred to the incitement against the prime minister in the “Last Supper” presentation, as well as the claims of left-wing demonstrators about violence against them yesterday in Tel Aviv.

According to Qarai: “I condemn violence on all sides and in all situations. Violent rioters should be prosecuted with severity.

Do you intend to encourage a certain type of violence, by condemning violence on the one hand and silence towards violence on the other? ”

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