Puigdemont calls Felipe VI a “golpista” and says that Alya Junqueras is united by “the loyalty of the 1-O”


Monday, July 20 2020 – 3:34 PM

Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont.
Francois Lenoir REUTERS

The fugitive Carles Puigdemont has presented his new book, ‘I explain myself’, this morning by videoconference, he has taken the opportunity to insult the head of state, whom he has called “a coup leader” and has assured that despite his considerable differences with Oriol Junqueras, both are united by “the loyalty of 1-O”.

Puigdemont has demanded explanations from Felipe VI because “the citizen has the right to know the details of a coup d’etat that begins with the sentence of the Statute and is aggravated in a very beastly way before October 2017”.

For the former ‘president’ escaped from Justice, the King’s speech of October 3, 2017, which was a knock on the ‘procs’, was “clearly coup-oriented” because “he excluded an important part of the citizen of Catalonia” . From there, the fugitive considers, it gave way “to a hunt against the independence movement that still lasts.”

In the book presented today, published by Plaza and Jans, Puigdemont assures that he does not want to go “with an unfair vice president to such a difficult stage.” Asked about it, the fugitive explained that “there are times when I got angry and it would not have been honest to hide it”, but above all “there is a great loyalty over 1-O”, he added.

At the moment, the former vice president of the Govern and he have “a relationship to move the country forward”. And it is more what unites them than what separates them, according to what he has tried to convey: “We all want independence and we all want to reach it in the most effective way, we can be friends or not but this goes from country to country and from legitimate discrepancies we can draw a logical commune to face a very powerful adversary. ”

The former ‘president’ trusts that with the third degree and with the regime of semi-freedom of the pro-independence prisoners, it will be possible to “re-weave” the secessionist unit because “without strategic unity it will be very difficult to stand up to the State”.

The book is a retrospective of what happened, from his subjective point of view, between his investiture and his flight from Spain. In it, Puigdemont exposes his point of view on the hectic October 2017, after the referendum of October 1 prohibited by the Constitutional Court. The MEP puts special emphasis on October 10, when he declared and suspended independence, something that he said was “a mistake”.

“Today I would do it differently and the consequences would have been different because on the 10th we would have started from a position of greater strength than on the 27th,” Puigdemont said, reproaching that “the State said that it would open up to dialogue and then demonstrated that it was a trap. and that he was going to fool us wildly. ”

As he has assured, it was the Rajoy government that asked him not to adopt unilateral decisions that would make it impossible to get out of the situation. And so he put that alleged declaration of independence on hold. Afterwards, as it has complained, the Executive did not open any way of dialogue, as it assures that it was promised.

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