Puglia, fifth day without new infections from Coronavirus, even today no deaths


Even today in Puglia there are no new infections from Coronavirus. The Region has announced it, it is the fifth consecutive day, and from the widespread epidemiological bulletin it emerges that today, Monday 1 July 2020, 2413 tests for Covid-19 infection were registered and no positive cases were found. No deaths were recorded.

Since the beginning of the emergency 180664 tests have been carried out. 3873 are the patients recovered, 112 are the currently positive cases.

The total number of positive Covid cases in Puglia is 4,530, divided as follows: 1,491 in the Province of Bari, 380 in the Province of Bat, 659 in the Province of Brindisi, 1,169 in the Province of Foggia (one case has been deleted from the database); 521 in the Province of Lecce; 281 in the Province of Taranto; 29 attributed to residents outside the region.

LOPALCO: INVESTING ON PREVENTION – «It is said that the waves of the sea cannot be contained, but pandemic waves can, and certainly. Mitigation plans do this. ” Professor Pierluigi Lopalco, epidemiologist at the head of the task force of the Puglia Region for the Coronavirus emergency, writes it on Facebook.
According to the expert, to avoid that there may be a second wave of infections in the fall, this “is the time for investments in prevention. And it doesn’t seem to me that they are talking about it enough ». “Italy – he highlights – was hit in February by a pandemic wave, more violent in the north than in the center and south. In order for this wave to occur, the virus has circulated undisturbed for at least two and a half months, confusing itself with the normal increase in viral pneumonia and flu syndromes that occurs in the autumn-winter. Respiratory infections normally regain strength in autumn-winter and, in the course of past pandemics, a second wave was almost always followed by a second wave of more or less equal intensity ».
Will the same happen in Italy in the autumn? «No – Lopalco believes – if we prevent it. This is the most difficult concept to pass. This is the moment of prevention. Or actions aimed at something not happening. ” However, “prevention is not done automatically, it needs strategy, planning, personnel and instrumental resources. The fact that the viral circulation is shutting down does not mean that we can afford to pretend nothing. ”

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