PSV tightens corona protocol, also duels of Young PSV and ladies have been canceled


PSV has canceled the practice matches of Young PSV and the women’s team this weekend. The reason for this is the positive corona test of a player of VV UNA, who would practice against the PSV main force on Friday evening.

However, that exhibition game was canceled three quarters of an hour before the start: UNA was forced to withdraw and the PSV players played an alternative exhibition game against each other. PSV initially had not tested all UNA players. “Also because we wanted to implement our protocol that will soon run in practice,” explains medical manager Gust van Montfoort through the PSV channels. “We have not been able to test the entire selection, but understood from UNA medical staff that there were no complaints and therefore no cause for concern.”

However, when one of the samples was tested again, a corona contamination still came to light. This was only announced just before kick-off of the exhibition game. PSV has now decided to tighten its protocol, says Van Montfort: from now on, all players of their own team and of the opponents must be tested before the start. “We cancel the matches of Saturday’s Young PSV and PSV Women, because those PSV teams have not yet been tested. This also applies to Excelsior Maassluis, the opponent of Jong PSV.”

Van Montfort has also followed the news and knows that the number of infections in the Netherlands is starting to rise again. “We have also included the rising figures among young people in particular in the assessment that has been made. In the short term, this is equally annoying, but it is better to adjust now.”


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