“PSG target Champions. The comeback on the BVB has strengthened the bond with the fans”


Mauro Icardi, now a full-fledged Paris Saint-Germain footballer, he told between the columns of Le Parisien his first season spent in Paris. “An incredible party” after the Champions League quarter-final qualification against Borussia Dortmund: “I wanted to let the fans do it because during the game we heard them singing outside the stadium. It was very exciting to be able to share this moment with them”.

A crucial moment for the group union?

“The victory was decisive, yes. We all had the goal of winning. In Germany, we had not made the best performance. The way we approached the Parco dei Principi, with our spectators outside, helped us to do better than the first leg. It was a crucial moment of the season. ”

A pact for the Champions League?

“No, there is no pact. But this is the goal of the club and of all the players. There is no pact to be developed, in this case, it has created itself. Certainly it can never be said that it was better for players and fans to play that game behind closed doors, but there was the health aspect. A full Park of the Princes could have created a much more beautiful atmosphere and support for the players. made the game even more special. The players were touched by the support before the game and were able to exploit it afterwards. In the end, this qualification counts as a sort of release after several flops and also strengthens the bonds between the players and even with the fans. It’s a beautiful moment that will be remembered forever and should be used for the future. No special deal is needed. The whole club must want to win and push for it. That’s what we heard that night. It remains to maintain this mentality for the future “.

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