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The amazing PS5 SSD remains at the center of discussions on next gen, but there are those in the field PC it seems to have already gone on widely, as the video of Linus Tech Tips sul nuovo AORUS Gen4 8TB SSD, a solid state memory that probably represents the most technologically advanced tip in this area, even if at an absolutely prohibitive cost, for the moment.

The comparison with PS5 it is obviously improper, but it should be noted that Linus himself returns to the subject several times, in a clear quote of his past on the PS5 SSD issue, after the criticisms made to Tim Sweeney on the high-sounding statements regarding the performance of the solution developed by Sony and the subsequent excuses of the youtuber.

“I’m damned if it turns out that PS5 is faster than my PC!” Linus exclaims at the beginning of the video and obviously continues to play ironically on this pseudo-contrast with the Sony console, even if during the movie he also explains well how the comparison is improper.

First of all, because only the Aorus SSD in question has a price equal to maybe three or four PS5, in addition to having to request appropriate equipment as it is installed through a PCI Express Gen 4 16x port in order to fully exploit its potential, which requires a motherboard with enough slots available and possibly a AMD Ryzen Threadripper as a CPU. It is also easy to see how the prices of the two solutions are on completely different planets.

Furthermore, the peculiarity of the PS5 SSD is the fact of being designed within a more organized system to make the most of it, compared to the more dispersive structure of a PC, therefore also from the point of view of performance the actual difference is to be seen, even if on paper the Aorus in question tears PS5 with a speed of 15GB / s and 8 TB capacity.

However, it is also easy to understand provocation underlying this video by Linus Tech Tips, who as a staunch supporter of PC gaming wanted to emphasize how technology in this area moves very quickly and it will not take long to reach the levels of the PS5 SSD, indeed in In practice, PCIe 4s demonstrate how some solutions are already more advanced. In this sense, the playful continuation of the distance clash with Tim Sweeney, supporter of the absolute superiority of the Sony solution, should probably be read.

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