Protesters throw Columbus’ statue overboard. Trump: “Nazis”


AGI – A group of protesters protesting the death of African American George Floyd overthrew the statue of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore, Maryland and threw them overboard. In the videos spread on the web you can see the demonstrators asking for the removal of all the statues dedicated to Colombo in the country, pulling down with ropes the monument dedicated to the Italian explorer indicated as responsible for the genocide and exploitation of the native populations in the Americas. Other statues of Columbus, Fox News reports, have been overturned or vandalized in Miami, Richmond, St. Paul and Boston, where she has been beheaded.

Trump’s defense

“We will defend, protect and preserve the American way of life that began in 1492 with the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus and together we will fight for the American dream.” US President Donald Trump said this during the White House celebrations for July 4th. “We will not allow the angry crowd to tear down our statues, erase our history, indoctrinate our children and trample on our freedoms,” assured the US president, quoted by the AP, while other statues dedicated to the Italian explorer were vandalized in several cities of America and one overthrown and thrown overboard by demonstrators in Baltimore.
Trump, who attended a paratrooper tribute to America, greeted health workers on the front lines in response to the coronavirus pandemic without mentioning the dizzying increases in contagion cases in the country, and lashed out at “slander” and is missing respect for the country’s past. “Now – assures Trump – we are close to defeating the radical left”, which the president compares to the Nazis, “the anarchists, agitators, looters and people who, in many cases, have absolutely no idea what they are doing”.

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