Protest in Rabin Square: Netanyahu at the “Last Supper”


A protest display that includes a statue of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was erected this morning (Tuesday) in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. The display features a table with champagne, bottles of wine, cheese, pastries and various fruits such as grapes and watermelon, and Netanyahu sits next to them on a magnificent chair, holding a cake with a painting of the Israeli flag on it, and the national emblem also appears on a wall behind it. Next to the performance is “The Last Supper.”

The creator of the performance is the artist Itai Zlait. “We see in the performance a banquet of kings, 12 empty chairs, no one is sitting in them, and in the center sits the figure of the prime minister,” he told Walla! culture. “It is impossible to argue with facts – Netanyahu is a genius, strong, convincing, exalted, some call him the Son of God. He is above all else. He sits and dines, and here he has reached the last minute of the meal, for dessert. Dramatic from the history of the State of Israel – the last meal. This meal can be the last meal of the same people or the last meal of democracy. And we feel it very well. We feel it in the law of consent, in the suffocation of our freedom, in the GSS, in violence against Demonstrators and incitement. “At the same time that Netanyahu is sitting here eating his heart out, there are a million unemployed people, hungry people are losing their homes.”

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“The drive-in layout is not a solution. How can you sit in the car and enjoy a show?”

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