Prosecutor: “Remarkable that it happens during the day”


Two men, both in their 20s, have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and aggravated weapon crime after the shooting in Gränby. They were arrested a stone’s throw from the suspected crime scene.

– I can not describe why they are arrested, but we believe that there are circumstances that give reason to have the detainees in this situation. There are circumstances that point to these people, says Christer Sammens.

How did the arrest go?

– The police’s collection of information at the scene led to the discovery of these suspects. I can say no more.

The shots were aimed at a man sitting in a car. It is unclear if he is known to the police before.

– We have been in contact with him. He is not injured in the sense that he was hit, says Christer Sammens.

The shelled car was found later on Monday at Gränby sports field.

Second shooting

This is it second shooting in a short time in the district Gränby.

Is there any connection to what happened on July 9th?

– It is clear that we are looking at it. But right now we are investigating this as an individual event in itself, says Christer Sammens.

Witnesses must be heard

The police received the alarm at 3 pm on Tuesday afternoon.

How do you see it happening during the day in an area where many people move?

– It’s quite remarkable. It is remarkable that people who stand and wait for buses and move in different ways experience a shooting.

What about the witnesses?

– It is clear that there were people nearby who have made observations of significance, but I can not say more than that.

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