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Prof. Roni Gamzo

Prof. Roni GamzoPhoto: Miriam Elster, Flash 90

Prof. Roni Gamzo, the corona projector, instructed the team of scientists who create the disease forecast, for critically ill and respiratory patients at the Gartner Institute, to work in conjunction with the model developed by Prof. Eli Schafercher, Ichilov’s VP of Research and Development and Director.

“The different models all rely on a number of different assumptions and perspectives and the important thing is a dialogue between the researchers and a consensus. I assumed that within a day the researchers from both teams would produce a combined model that would form a single, uniform and reliable basis for decision makers,” he said.

Professor Eli Schafercher’s model has repeatedly been able to accurately predict the number of difficult patients. The new integrated model will predict three data – the morbidity burden in the community, the total number of patients in hospitals and the number of serious patients in hospitals.

According to corona data updated tonight by the Ministry of Health, yesterday 1,770 were diagnosed as positive for the virus. Results of 23,153 tests were obtained yesterday and the positive rate for the virus remained high – 8.2% yesterday.

The number of deaths increased by seven compared to yesterday and 455 patients died from the outbreak of the plague. There was also an alarming increase in the number of respirators – in just one day it increased from 84 to 94 respirators. The condition of 312 patients is severely defined.

Professor Eli SchafercherPhoto: Miri Gatnio, Ichilov Spokeswoman

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