Prof. Grotto in the Corona Committee: “Hospitals are overcrowded. They are in distress”


At a committee meeting The corona Taking place this morning (Sunday), the committee’s chairman, MK, opened the discussion Yifat Shasha Bitton She said: “The question that needs to be asked is not whether we open the economy or not but how we open up and how we run a life routine and what we need to do to live in the shadow of the corona. It is not certain that restrictions are the right and complete solution.”

The committee presented new data from the Ministry of Health, the purpose of which is to gather information and answer questions from Knesset members regarding the sources of the infection. For the places where 7,998 patients were infected between July 10 and 16 of the month, the vast majority of those infected did not undergo epidemiological investigations, but according to the available data, 67% were infected at home, 9.5% in educational institutions, 5.6% in events, 4.8 in religious institutions and 4% in recreation .

‚óŹ Presentation of corona morbidity data presented to the Knesset committee

In his opening remarks, Prof. Itamar Grotto, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health, expressed concern about the development of the disease, saying that “I am usually a naturally optimistic person, but I am concerned about the situation. Hospitals are currently overcrowded with corona patients, whether moderate or severe patients. Patients requiring staff care. There are more than 500 patients hospitalized now. This congestion, causes the hospitals meanwhile on the edge, to be in distress. From the moment a person becomes infected until his condition becomes severe, it can take two weeks. If we look ahead, we see that the number of patients is severely rising. Even if no one has left their home now, we will see an increase in the morbidity of people who have had time to get sick during this time. Therefore, we are not yet in a state of ‘corona routine’, we are in an emergency routine. When we lower the number of infected, we can open back. “The chance that a corona-sick person will now enter the restaurant is tens of times greater than the chance it was when we opened.”

As for the characteristics of the disease, Grotto Bee said “there is a real increase in the disease, it can not be denied. We see less infection of the elderly population that maintains itself. 6% of patients are aged 65+, and we see severe morbidity and mortality in younger age groups. The young people, under the age of 30, we hardly see mortality. 100 people’s chains can start from one person. We saw a wedding in Dimona that infected half a city. In the end, when the young people get infected, they catch the elderly. When they tried to isolate only the elderly in the world , It did not work”. Grotto further emphasized, when asked about the patients’ medical condition, that “from the age of 40+ almost every person has one risk factor”.

As for the new serious patients, according to the Ministry of Health, in the unfinished July – there are more serious patients than the peak month – April. The main definition for a severely ill patient is a patient whose blood level is below 93. According to Grotto, a person in this state may deteriorate to the soul. When Knesset members wondered about changing the definitions of difficult patients and claimed that there are hospitals where doctors say that patients are defined as in a difficult situation even though their condition is not difficult, Grotto said “I have not met a hospital director who claims this. “.

The Corona Committee headed by MK Yifat Shasha Bitton / Photo: Adina Velman, Spokeswoman for the Knesset

5.9% patients are verified in July

At the beginning of the discussion, Shasha Bitton presented a comparative figure according to which in the first wave in March there were 9.9% verified patients, while on July 13 only 5.9%.

Shasha Bitton also noted that “it is important to me that we take a limitation and try to understand what logic and data it is sitting on and in the end we will make the good decisions the public goes through both health and economically and we will weigh everything.”

Yifat Shasha Bitton, Corona Committee Today / Photo: Adina Velman, Knesset Spokeswoman Yifat Shasha Bitton, Corona Committee Today / Photo: Adina Velman, Knesset Spokeswoman

It was reported yesterday that MK Shasha Bitton may be replaced at the Likud’s request, after refusing to approve the closure of gyms and pools last week, and yesterday in an interview with “Meet the Press” she stated that if no data is presented to justify it, her position will not change.

It will be recalled that two days ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he would work for the removal of committee chairman Shasha Bitton, after she expressed opposition to operating the committee without data from the Ministry of Health regarding the rate of infection in pools and gyms.

Blue and white chairman Benny Gantz announced that the party would oppose the transfer of Shasha Bitton from her post.

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