Prof. Gabi Barbash: “The numbers are heavy. I’m afraid we will go to a long closure in the winter “


Prof. Gabi Barbash, former director general of the Ministry of Health, this morning (Friday) referred to Nissim Mashaal’s program on 103FM to the government’s decision to impose new restrictions, some of which will take effect today at 5:00 PM, and the dramatic increase in the number of infected.

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Will a weekend closure solve the problem?

“The government has not only decided this, they have made more decisions regarding the prevention of gatherings. I think this is the most important element, it really has the ability to solve the problem, I think. Was this supplement needed or not? I do not know, and it will only apply next week. ”

Yes, only from next week.

“So I very much hope that the coming week may show us that it can be avoided, but we really need to wait a few more days and see the effect of the steps taken a week and a half ago.”

Yesterday the Prime Minister at the Corona Yeshiva angrily told the ministers ‘You are blind, if it does not change you are going to a full closure’. What needs to happen to prevent closure?

“The numbers need to stop growing, we are on almost 2,000 new patients every day, and that is certainly worrying. I do not underestimate it, God forbid, I am the last to underestimate it. The numbers are growing, they are heavy, this means that dozens of seriously ill patients every day in two to three weeks. We are already on a track of 30 critically ill patients per day that will be added next week. ”

What it means? What should be done?

“Obviously we need to take steps, and taking steps, preventing gatherings, closing any place where a gathering can take place in a closed space, is the most important step. Do we need a closure on weekends that will prevent people from socializing so that they do not infect each other? We may need it, I do not know. In the coming days, we will know that if the situation does not change in the coming days, they will have to take this step as well, right? ”

Look how confused the public is, the guidelines change every few hours. Does not distrust bother you?

“There is an objective and subjective answer here. Objective – in the situation of this virus that we do not know much about, about its behavior, why it responds, to what steps it will respond correctly or incorrectly. So there is an objective dimension here in our ability to predict, we have taken the right steps and know that we have taken the right step and we do not know that until two weeks have passed.

Subjective dimension – when I see how this government, a board of the State of Israel that includes 36 people, everyone has something to say, and everyone wants to contribute, and influence, and this board transmits messages not of a board that works in unison, in addition to everything we did not do in the system “Health is clearly creating a lack of trust and it is not the ideal situation to manage such a complex crisis.”

If the government fails, the situation continues.

“That’s what we have, right Nissim? This is what we have chosen, so with that we need to live and exert the pressure we can exert within the very great limitations of the media to change things, and that’s it. Make sure everyone behaves correctly, because that too is in our hands. In today’s data I think anyone who wants to keep his soul will rarely go out, and rarely go around, because there are very many people can catch up. Most people who become infected do not know who they are infected with. When the concern from above is not properly organized, let us take care of ourselves properly. ”

As for the beaches, a person walks on the beach, what should he be afraid of?

“I do not think the beaches should be closed, I said that yesterday. There was a similar story months ago in California. The governor of California made a decision that he wanted to close the beaches, came to him in a public campaign and proved to him with signs and masterpieces that there is no sticking to the beach, he got off this issue and did not close the beaches in California, after a serious public debate.

I think once you are in the open air, you should not limit. The price of limiting at the beach versus the risk of getting infected at the beach does not justify it. But I would expect from Bat Yam, and Tel Aviv, and the local authorities, that inspectors would act to prevent overcrowding on these beaches so that people did not sit on top of each other. But if people keep their distance, in open space I think the risk does not justify closing the beaches. ”

What will be in the winter? The forecasts are tough.

“One issue related to winter is the return of school in September or October, I know Galant is taking care of it, I had a conversation with him about it. They understand the meaning, have learned a lesson said so, from returning the full classes at the end of this school year. I know they are working on it and I trust Galant. ”

But in terms of the public?

“I talked about education. I’m going back to the public, winter will present us with a problem of mixing flu and corona. “As the office is being held now, I’m afraid we’re going to a long closure in the winter.”

Wow. You left me speechless.

“As it is being held now, we may have two months to prepare for the month, as it is currently seen in insights, internalization, preparation, capabilities – the winter is done in closure.”

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