Prof. Dror Mevorach sees the burden in his eyes: “Even young people are deteriorating into a difficult situation, there are more patients who are overweight” – Health


Last May, Prof. Dror Mevorach of Hadassah was already sure, like everyone else, that the first wave of the corona was behind us and that the intense and familiar routine of hospital work had returned. But the calm was short and the sequel is known.

“Four weeks ago, we had three corona patients in intensive care and closed corona wards at Hadassah. We now have close to 80 corona patients, of whom 60 are mild (20%) moderate (60%) and severe (20%), and another 17 are in intensive care. Intensive in a difficult to critical condition, of which ten are respirators, “says Prof. Mevorach in a conversation with TheMarker. “On Wednesday night, for example, I transferred a patient who was in a moderate-severe condition to the intensive care unit – and the next day he was already breathing because his condition had deteriorated.”

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