“Prodi’s opening? It looks like the kiss of death” – Libero Quotidiano


A little does not really believe it, a little more instead – perhaps, it is supposed – exorcises the possibility. There is talk of the opening of Romano Prodi a Silvio Berlusconi. And to talk about it, interviewed by The print, is Giorgia Meloni: “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe that if this government fails the President of the Republic would take responsibility for forming another without elections: the Quirinale has already hinted that the alternative to the implosion of the majority is the ballot box”, he said afterwards that reminded her of Prodi ‘s words and the meeting between Gianni Letta e Luigi Di Maio.

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The leader of Fratelli d’Italia, then, adds: “I see, of course, many courtship in the direction of Berlusconi, but he has shown that he wants to remain firmly in the center-right. Even when Conte tried to see us separately and with a late invitation we replied compactly. I heard Berlusconi – Meloni reveals – after the release of Prodi in his favor and he was very amused, I understand it, it looks like the kiss of death “, he adds sharply, both towards Prodi and towards Berlusconi.

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Finally, a joke about the Di Maio-Letta meeting. Or rather, on the face to face of the grill with Mario Draghi: “I would like to know rather about the meeting between Di Maio and Draghi that sounds so much to GIuseppi you are calm. I consider this continuous yearning for intolerable intolerable. Even more while over a third of Italian companies is at risk of survival. The solution is a government born from the ballot box that gives courageous answers, the daughters of a clear vision, which a majority made up of too different pieces will never give “, concludes Giorgia Meloni.

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