Prince Harry and Megan Merkel will not be able to return to the royal family


Did you think that the civil war between Prince Harry and the regent, Prince William, would fade after the move of the redhead and Megan Merkel to America? So it is, that a biographical book with new information about the couple who took a break from the British royal family, eliminated their chances of being integrated into official positions in the future. Walla! Celebs throne

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Prince Harry, Megan Merkel and their son Archie in Africa (Instagram)

It is said that the end of an act is in the first thought, but it seems that even those who do not – for example, do not prevent relatives from revealing your family secrets – are likely to bear the punishment. Especially when it comes toPrince Harry And his wife, Megan Merkel, Or the Dukes of Sussex who are at the center of a new biographical book that presents their side in all the scandals they have touched on as part of the British royal family and includes new information that is likely to distance the couple from the family of Queen Elizabeth’ Forever and ever.

According to the English media, the palace says that the new details that the book called “Finding Freedom” includes – literally “eliminated the chances of the prince and his Hollywood wife to return to an official position in the kingdom”, even if they want to in the future, contrary to the queen’s statement when she allowed the two to resign full-time job. And after you hear what it includes, you will fully understand why.

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The Queen under pressure? Prince Harry and Megan Merkel with Elizabeth (GettyImages)
Far in America. Megan, Harry and their son Archie (GettyImages)

While Harry and Megan spend time in Los Angeles for a “one-year trial period” with their son Archie, as defined in the UK, the publication of the new book already cited across England and the world seems to undermine the Queen’s effort to make peace in the family and repair the bitter rift between Harry and his brother The great, the regent Prince William And his wife, Kate Middleton. When did it all start? After Merkel’s appearance of course.

The Red Prince and his wife may not have collaborated with the book’s writers, but they were helped by those close to them who shed light and lots of new details about the two’s relationship – without the couple saying anything, getting angry or preventing them from talking, which would keep a secret or two inside the palace. For example, it was learned that Harry felt he had fallen in love with Megan already after the two’s second date and that Megan had contacted paparazzi photographers and invited them to document her while working in Canada – even though she later stated that she did not understand “tabloid culture”.

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As the relationship tightened, Merkel heard a staff member at the palace say he “did not trust Megan” and accused him of prejudice, while one of the senior family members called her “Harry’s amusement girl” behind her back. Ouch. This is in addition to the work that was disappointed that even Kate, then her future sister-in-law, did not warmly welcome her to the family.

Snobs? Harry and Megan with Kate Middleton and Prince William (GettyImages)
Bitterness between the brothers. Harry with Kate and Regent William (Reuters)

In the royal palace, in case you were wondering, one feels that the book is there to ridicule the queen, who warmly greeted the grandson when he decided to retire from life as a royal son, along with his family. “The world has progressed and not dealt with them because of the corona plague and so has the royal family,” said a source at the palace who did not understand the reason for publishing the book, “there is nothing new in the book, only known events presented from a certain angle.” Angry? Maybe and maybe not.

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Disappointed. Megan Merkel (GettyImages)
Did they make fun of her? Queen Alib with Harry and Megan (GettyImages)
Make a mess. Prince Harry and Megan Merkel (GettyImages)

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