Preparing for 125W in realme fast charging technology


A new one has been added to the fast charging technologies, which have become the new competition area among smartphone brands. Charging competition of brands working to find solutions to users’ low battery problem is expected to gain more importance with 5G.

After the introduction of Oppo’s 125W fast charging technology, which can reach full charge in 20 minutes in this area, another smart phone brand realme has also officially announced the 125W UltraDART Flash Charging solution. With this announcement, realme became the first smartphone brand to bring this new technology to life, the best solution for 5G smartphone battery life.

Starting with 30W and continuing its development as 50W and 65W, realme Dart Flash Charge Technology has reached 125W with this announcement. 125W UltraDART Flash Charge technology is expected to significantly shorten the charging time of high-capacity batteries, extending the battery life of 5G smartphones.

With the solution distinguished from other flash charging solutions, realme focuses on restarting and activating the phone as soon as possible instead of shortening the total time of the charging process by just 1 or 2 minutes. According to the information given, a 5G smartphone with a 4000mAh battery life with 125W UltraDART technology can be charged around 33 percent in 3 minutes.

The 33 percent charge also ensures that the 5G smartphone can be used for hours without worrying about battery power throughout the day. With commercialization and security issues in the coming period, realme focuses on making phones fully charged within 20 minutes.


Adopting direct charging to prevent possible charging accidents with multi-layer protection, 125W UltraDART charges the phone only when the screen is on and working.

Realme, who controls the temperature of the smartphone below 40 ° in particular, wants to control the charging speed intelligently and safely instead of providing the fastest charge. With the temperature control, 100 percent charge will be possible in just 13 minutes in the coming period. ”

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