Prepare for the election: what lies behind the retirement of the Accountant General in the Treasury


Prepare for the election – this is the message that emerges from the announcement of the dramatic retirement of the Accountant General in the Treasury, Roni Hezekiah. No state budget will be approved here in August, neither in September nor in November. Against this background, Hezekiah places on the table a possibility that has been inconceivable to this day: he will leave even if there is no state budget, that is, in the middle of running the state according to a temporary budget. In the days as a correction the consequences of such a move should have kept sleep out of the eyes of the captains of the economy. All the more so in the days of Corona.

Hezekiah’s retirement is not surprising. As we reported here Hezekiah planned to retire long ago. Such a convenient timing could have been the entry of a new government in the wake of the March 2019. Election. Hezekiah did not imagine that at the end of his term he would be held responsible for running the state in a continuing budget. He did not imagine in his bad dreams an event like the Corona that would force the Treasury to raise and refinance an unprecedented debt of a quarter of a trillion shekels.

The man who came to the Treasury to manage large infrastructure projects and to promote Israel’s ranking in the field of doing business found himself in a nightmarish situation, a perfect storm on all sides and on the ship the rush is celebrating: on deck, aft and especially at the wheel. But the accountant general, a real civil servant, was willing to absorb all this and move on. The sense of responsibility motivated him to move forward and not abandon the shift before approving a new state budget.

In recent days, it has become clear to Hezekiah that the nightmare scenario is about to take another turn. That the state budget that has been waiting for him for a whole year will not be approved in the coming months. That there was no choice but to make a decision and draw a line. Hezekiah will not remain in the Treasury after October and as it currently stands the State of Israel will be left without a CFO.

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