Powers for the IDF and Public Transparency: The Plan to Fight Corona


Just three days after being appointed to the Corona Projector, Prof. Roni Gamzo is formulating a new plan to fight the Corona and in two days he will officially reveal it to the public. Among the prominent principles in the program: more extensive powers for the IDF, a uniform criterion for restrictions, and a change in the information system and its accessibility to the public. This was reported tonight (Sunday) in News 12.

According to the plan formulated by Gamzo, many powers will be given to the IDF, especially in the system of epidemiological investigations.
There will be direct and continuous contact with the hospital directors and the transfer of control to them. When hospitals report that they are reaching the red line in terms of the number of patients – then restrictions will return.

Another significant principle in the new plan is a uniform and transparent criterion for all restrictions. Many in the health care system argue that this is a matter that has hurt many public confidence, and has given a sense that the decisions are not uniform. For example, bars and restaurants remain open but shopping malls and gyms (at least in the first part) have closed. The plan states that criteria should be set for the possible number of people everywhere.

Professor Roni Gamzo. Photo: Hadas Porush, Flash 90

Perhaps the most significant point – a change in the information system. In Gamzo’s view, and as he noted in his inaugural address on Thursday, the public should be harnessed to the struggle and not intimidated by a slew of messages and slogans. One of the means is the announcements to the public: Expenses of announcements from one place – the control center at Tel Hashomer Hospital. This will create uniformity in messages and control over the information that goes out to the public.

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