Post lockdown holidays. That’s why Sardinia is running out of tourists


Federalberghi Sardegna records a drop in turnover for the month of June equal to 95% compared to last year. Giacomo del Chiappa, Marketing professor of the Department of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Sassari, conducted a study to detect the reasons for this decline. We started by monitoring the evolution of the employment rate and cancellations and moving on to identifying the geographical distribution of reservations, we then came to understand what their acquisition channels are and to investigate whether and to what extent the access rules to Sardinia and the beaches are limiting the charm of the island. 360 it’s accommodation facilities on the island, between hotels and extra hotels, involved in this investigation.

The numbers

the 75% of Italians, of which 22% Sardinians have booked their vacation on the island. Only the 25% of foreigners they decided to vacation in the second part of the season. There were many cancellations: for the month of July about 40% of the structures registered a drop of over 60%, or two out of three people have canceled. The figure is reduced for the remaining months, but is not positive because cancellations arrive last minute. The main problems detected are: I transport and theaccess to the beaches. About 66.3% of operators are convinced that the methods of access to the island strongly limit reservations and requests for holidays in Sardinia. While the rules of use of the beach they are considered unclear by 66.8% of tour operators.

New booking methods

Surprisingly it changes the way to book. Instead of resorting to travel agencies or web portals, tourists prefer to have direct contact with the structure through telephone, email and website. The data recorded by the operators are around 54% for bookings through the direct channel, against 46% of the indirect one.

The attack by the President of Federalberghi Sardegna

Paolo Manca, president of Federalberghi Sardegna He said: “In a difficult season like the one just started, entrepreneurs have done their part right away, regional institutions have not. To date beyond the 50% of facilities opened, hiring tens of thousands of workers, but not a euro has arrived in the hotel coffers, there is no certainty of the promised contributions to facilitate hiring, the health risk is always at the door and no indication has arrived. Above all, no adequate promotion has been organized to facilitate the restart ”. Furthermore, he points out that: “Theemergency would have required rapid decision and action, so it did not happen: Sardinia could have fully exploited the benefits of its island nature and low level of virus contagion, but he is not doing it. ”

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