Positive Venetian manager’s son: “My father deserved forced hospitalization. I’m with Zaia”


“Luca Zaia is right: the Tso is needed for those who are positive and refuse hospitalization. Taking care of yourself is a duty towards the community, you cannot risk infecting other people. The governor must put his foot down and get mandatory treatment every time Healthcare decides that a patient needs it. ” Speaking to Corriere della Sera is the son of the manager from Vicenza hospitalized in intensive care with interstitial pneumonia by Covid, after having refused admission even though he knows he is positive. The son continues:

“I find no logical justification for his behavior … A lightness or an underestimation of the danger he was facing. And to think that Dad was very attentive to every form of prevention at the beginning … In any case, he was wrong, and this is not discussed. “

But then he wants to specify that “it is not true that after refusing hospitalization he returned to everyday life as if nothing had happened”.

“He was taken home in an ambulance and has remained barricaded in the bedroom for four days ever since. The first of July got worse and, always in an ambulance, he was taken to the hospital “.

“Our companies have always followed all precautions and implemented anti-Covid protocols, in a careful and detailed way. There is no danger about it. We are working to give a further message of security and certainty that there is no further danger of contagion, since the people potentially involved are all in isolation “. Laserjet, the Vicenza-based metalworking company whose owner tested positive at Covid together with four other people who generated a new outbreak in Veneto, relies on a published note signed by the family and company management on the company website , which is based in Pojana Maggiore, its position. The entrepreneur is currently hospitalized in intensive care at the Vicenza hospital. The note ends with the denial “of any false news of family involvement in the Covid-19 infection as no one has had contact with Lino for at least several weeks”.

“About what happened before June 28, 2020”, the period in which the man made two trips to Serbia and Bosnia ‘importing’ the virus from a man who died last Wednesday, “we have no reliable information – says the family – and for this reason we prefer not to say anything. We can instead confirm that the positivity at Covid-19 in Lino was confirmed on Sunday 28 ″. Family members reconstruct the incident, at least in its epilogue: “Lino refused hospitalization and following the health procedures provided for by the protocol, he was accompanied by ambulance to his home with all the necessary attention for him and for the health personnel involved. We can guarantee that from Sunday 28 to Wednesday 1 July (day of his hospitalization) he remained in isolation at his home “. “We also confirm – adds the press release – that during those days Lino had contacts with three other people, currently in isolation; two of which already have the result of the swab made, which is negative. We are waiting for the latest outcome of the last person’s tampon, which remains in home isolation, by Monday. “

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