Positive to covid after a party. The day before he dies he writes: “Don’t be idiots like me”


A letter entrusted to social networks the day before he dies. In the hope that telling his mistake could push others not to commit the same. Thomas Macias, a 51-year-old California truck driver, died of coronavirus, allegedly contracted at a party where he did not take the necessary precautions to avoid contagion.

“I went out a few weeks ago,” he said in a Facebook post, “because of my stupidity I put my mother, my sisters and the health of my family at risk. It was a very painful experience. It’s not a joke. I’ve been superficial, don’t be an idiot like me. If you have to go out, put on the mask and respect the social distancing. I hope that with God’s help I will be able to survive. ”

Thomas had attended a barbecue with friends in Lake Elsinore, near Los Angeles. The symptoms began after a few days. One of the friends present at the party contacted him, revealed that he had the coronavirus and had been aware of it for some time, before participating in the barbecue: he was asymptomatic, he did not believe he could infect someone. With Thomas, who was overweight and suffering from diabetes, the covid was not forgiving: he died in a few days.

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