Positive to coronavirus admits: “I spent the day at the water park”


Great fear in the province of Latina, where all the contacts made in the last hours by a 37-year-old positive at Covid-19, which may have triggered a new outbreak, are being reviewed.

The man, in fact, a foreigner known to the police and whose infection was ascertained after being admitted to the Aprilia hospital, said he spent the previous day in a very popular water park, the “Miami Beach” of Borgo Piave.

In the water park, all employees have already undergone the test as a precaution.

The province was already put to the test during the first months of the pandemic and there are fears for the water park, frequented daily by many families.

The reference ASL has already started the epidemiological investigation and ordered the sanitation of the structure.

(Unioneonline / vl)

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