Positive migrants at Covid-19 in Roccella, the Mayor: “hosting them is a duty of men, they have the sadness of escape in their eyes”


July 12, 2020 09:54

Migrants landed in Roccella, the touching words of Mayor Zito

Roccella is home to 20 migrants, unaccompanied minors, who landed last night. He does it because it is his precise duty dictated by the law. But he does it also because he believes that when one is called to perform one’s duty one must do it to the end. And if it is your duty to organize the reception of unaccompanied minors – children aged 13, 14 or 15 who have in their eyes the sadness of fleeing their home, the pain for what they have seen and fear for the future – you do at best and that’s it“. So in a post on Facebook the mayor of Roccella Jonica Vittorio Zito. ”Then, when they tell you that among them there are 5 cases of positivity at Covid-19, you immediately get to work to manage this situation in complete safety, in order not to generate any danger for citizens and tourists. But being careful not to abandon even for a moment the concern to ensure full respect for the dignity of these fragile beings, you know that it is possible to do so. Because you can count on the extraordinary professionalism and availability of the police, on the competence of the doctors of the USCA and the regional task force, on the institutional support of the Prefecture, on the work of magnificent volunteers, on the help of a splendid team of administrators and employees And you know you can count on the seriousness of your fellow citizens. We know we have to do it, because it is our duty as men to do it.”. ”We have decided to inform you daily on the progress of this story, to avoid the spread of false news, of which we have absolutely no need. We ask the media to refer to these press releases and to all of you to trust the work we are doing, and we are confident that all together we will also pass this test”.

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