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As well as all car manufacturers, too Porsche has been hit hard by the crisis caused by the spread of Coronavirus. Yet unlike some of its rivals, the post lockdown recovery was faster than expected. In April the Stuttgart car maker’s sales were collapsed by almost 46%, except for a markedly lower drop the following month, down to just -3.1% recorded in the last month of June.

Porsche 911 hybrid, a complicated project

And in some cases, speaking of specific models, the sign that precedes the trend figures in the second quarter of 2020 is surprisingly the most. Deliveries to the United States of the Porsche 911, for example, in the period April-June 2020 they were 30% higher than in the same quarter of last year. Of this, great credit must be given to Porsche itself, which has put in place a series of measures aimed at supporting its customers such as the extension of guarantees, the extension of payments and the home delivery of some of its specimens. Part of the merit of the “success” recorded in June 2020 must also be attributed all’used; in the sixth month of the year alone, Porsche sold over 3,000 second-hand units, an 8% increase over June last year.

Porsche Taycan, entry-level debut in China

“The interest from motorists towards electric cars I think is in a stand-by phase – underlined analyzing the future of Taycan the head of the North American Porsche division, Klaus Zellmer – We must make sure that people are interested in this type of car also for reasons other than zero emissions “. Speaking of electrification of the range, Porsche is working on a hybrid version of the 911, although at the moment the project looks complicated: among the obstacles the main ones are certainly those related to the excessive weight of the car and the layout that would be modified to make room for the battery.

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