Polls: Ties down, Pd makes a thud. A party in the limelight, fly …



Polls: Ties down, Pd makes a thud. A party in the limelight, fly …

New boom for the 5-star movement that greatly shortens the distance from the Democratic Party. League of Salvini and Pd of Zingaretti still down.

Political polls: boom for the 5 star Movement. League and Pd down

In recent weeks, the voting intentions of the Italians have definitely changed. The 5-star movement is recovering at high speed after a constant drop recorded in the quarantine period. Matteo Salvini’s league continues its leadership, but loses consensus. With a drop of 0.3%, the Carroccio drops to 24%. Follows the Democratic Party that losing 0.8% goes to 20.4%. This is what emerges from the latest survey reported by Corriere della Sera.

Polls: boom of the M5s, Brothers of Italy continues to rise

Important new leap forward for the M5S. With a 1.3% jump, the grillini goes to 18.0%. Follows Fratelli d’Italia of Giorgia Meloni who continues to rise and gaining 0.1% of the consents goes to 16.3%. Then we find Forza Italia which loses 0.2% and drops to 7.2%.

Among the minor forces marks a new increase in Calenda’s Action which with a jump of 0.6% goes to 2.8%. Also left Italian Left-Article1 which goes to 2.3% gaining half a percentage point.

Polls: majority and opposition

As for political forces, the center-right is at 47.5%, the majority has 43.6% of the votes. The advantage of the opposition forces therefore continues to decline: from 5.2% to 3.9%.

However, the survey shows that the percentage of those who are undecided or abstains is still high: 43.7%, corresponding to about 22 million voters. The figure is very similar to that recorded in the European elections. On that occasion, abstentionism, added to the blank and void ballots, involved 13.7 million voters.

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