Political polls, Pd 5 points from the League. Orlando unleashes the controversy: “Without three divisions we would be equal”


A Bidimedia survey that puts the Democratic Party five points away from the League unleashes the controversy between Democrats with the incursion of an “ex”. The deputy secretary opened the debate Andrea Orlando who, early in the morning, remembers on Twitter that, if there had not been three divisions, the Democratic Party would have been equal to the League. First the deputy Dem Matteo Orfini replied to him, complaining about the government’s attitude towards Ocean Viking, blocked for 10 days at sea with 180 migrants on board. Then he raises the mayor of Bergamo with a joke Giorgio Gori, author of the attempt, then sedated, to “dethrone” the secretary Nicola Zingaretti. Finally intervenes Carlo Calenda, released from the Democratic Party, which accuses the former party of having caused the splits with the alliance with the Cinquestelle.The survey in question, carried out by Bidimedia on voting intentions as of 4 July, confirms the growth trend of the Democrats and attests the League at 26.6%, down 0.6% compared to a previous survey of 13 June. Immediately behind the Democratic Party at 21.4%, with an increase of 0.6%. In third place was the M5S at 15% (-0.3%). The Fratelli d’Italia growth trend confirms to 14.1%, which rises by a further 0.7%. Forza Italia drops to 5.9%, down 0.2%. Stable Italy Viva di Renzi at 3.5%, Leu drops to 2.6% (-0.2%), while Valore di Calenda recorded a slight increase of 0.1% reaching 2.6%.

Political polls, Pd 5 points from the League. Orlando unleashes the controversy:

“This is a survey today – Orlando chirps – From these numbers it is clear that without 3 (say three) divisions the Democratic Party would be equal to the League. their arrows. “

“It is a pity, however, that in order to chase Salvini we close the ports and kidnap people at sea exactly like him,” replies Orfini.

“Think the PSI: if in ’21 it had not undergone the split in Livorno at this time where it was …”, Gori ironically replies.

“I didn’t split. I left alone because I thought the alliance with the 5S was deadly for the reformists. It was the unanimous position of the @pdnetwork. Voted in the organs and confirmed in the first @nzingaretti report. You split up from the vs promises and values ​​”, replies Calenda.

After a few hours, it is still Orlando who intervenes late in the morning to close the circle on the Sunday dispute: “Being able to make controversy about a fairly obvious affirmation, that is that it would be better to avoid splitting, an endemic disease of the left, is a great undertaking. But there are those who do it, “he concludes on Twitter.

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