Police take cars to investigate dead 14-year-old girl


MARKEN – In the investigation into the death of the 14-year-old girl from Marken, dThe police brought a car. Early this morning she was found lifeless in the shoulder along the Zeedijk in Zuiderwoude.

A police spokesman confirms that the car was found in Uitdam, one of the villages where extensive searches were made this afternoon for cars with damage.

According to a witness, several cars were also seized on Marken today.

It may be 14 years old girl hit and the motorist then ran off. This is partly because there are brake tracks on the road and the girl’s injuries are of such a nature that she could not have injured herself.

Certainly not

The spokesman also reports that it is by no means certain whether this car was actually involved in the accident. “The car has been taken and it is now being investigated whether the damage profile matches the image we have.” The spokesman could not say exactly what damage the car had.

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