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The police have received dozens of new tips in the case of the deceased girl from Marken, after her mother sat at the talk show on Tuesday evening On 1. Last weekend, fourteen-year-old Tamar was found by the police at around 4.00 am on the shoulder along the Zeedijk in Zuiderwoude. Research has shown that she was hit by a car.

Each of the tips is further investigated by the police. They range from thinking along to information about damaged cars. The police are still looking for the driver involved.

“Please come over the bridge. Feel free to sign up. Deliver yourself from the idea of ​​what you did. You won’t change that anymore. Tamar is no longer there. But we’re getting questions,” said Tamar’s mother. a call On 1.

The girl was reported missing by her parents earlier in the night around 3:00 am. Her mother says that she left the house around midnight because she did not want to go to bed. The family hopes that the motorist can provide more clarity about the time of the accident.

In the investigation earlier this week, the police already seized four cars with damage. The owners have not been arrested.

Correction: in an earlier version of this message it was stated in the headline and lead that the girl was from Zuiderwoude. This was incorrect: she lived in Marken, but was hit in Zuiderwoude.

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