Police intervene at Black Lives Matter demonstration in Seattle | NOW


One of the biggest Black Lives Matter demonstrations in weeks was held in the American city of Seattle on Saturday night. When a dozen protesters attempted to set fire to a youth prison under construction, police intervened.

With tear gas, the police tried to get a hold of the crowd to make room for the fire brigade to put out the fire. Twenty-five protesters were arrested, and a police officer was injured in the leg.

Several thousand protesters were present on the streets of Seattle, fueled by President Donald Trump’s announcement last Thursday to send federal troops to Seattle as it did in Portland.

These heavily armed security forces were sent to Portland about three weeks ago after Trump signed a decree to protect U.S. monuments and buildings in the city. The arrival of the security forces led to much commotion.

Trump also wants to send federal order troops to Chicago, Kansas City and Albuquerque against the will of those mayors.

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