Police Headquarters, the new Vicar is Enrico Mazza


From 6 July 2020, dr. Carlo Ambrogio Enrico Mazza, First Director of the State Police, was assigned to the Varese Police Headquarters, which Vicar of the Questore, replacing Dr. Leopoldo Testa, transferred to another office.

Born in Milan, married with two children, he graduated in Law from the University of Milan. He entered the administration of Public Security in December 1990 and is assigned to the Milan Police Headquarters, with the position of Director of the IV Section of DIGOS, dedicated to the information activity concerning the political movements of the extra-parliamentary right.

Subsequently, assigned to Sec. Anti-terrorism, always within the Milanese DIGOS, is in charge of the direction of investigative activities aimed at contrasting and repressing both internal subversive phenomena and international terrorism. In this period, Dr. Mazza is the protagonist of the capture of fugitives in the European and extra-continental areas.

He later became an Officer of the Milan Operations Center of the Anti-Mafia Investigation Department, dealing with criminal phenomena of mainly foreign origin (Russian, Chinese and Albanian). In particular, he becomes responsible for international anti-drug investigations against Albanian criminal groups and anti-money laundering against representatives of Russian mafia organizations, an activity characterized by the promotion and management of collaborative relationships with various European and American Police Forces. After a parenthesis as a collaborator of SISMi, he was appointed Director of the PS “Rho-Pero” Seconded Commissariat of the Milan Police Headquarters.

Subsequently, he was transferred to the Central Directorate for Drug Services, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then he is appointed Anti-Drug Expert at the Embassy of Italy in Venezuela, with competence on Venezuela, but also on Cuba, French Antilles, Netherlands Antilles, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Suriname, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent & Grenadine, Trinidad & Tobago. In this circumstance he assumed the role of member of the negotiating delegation of the Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Government of the Italian Republic, in the matter of prevention and contrast to the illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and chemical precursors, as well as member of the negotiating delegation of the Police Collaboration Agreement between the Republic of Cuba and the Italian Republic. Responsible for investigations concluded with the arrest in Venezuela of fugitives wanted internationally for mafia association and drug trafficking, he became President, from March 2011 to March 2013, of CODEV (Comunidad de Oficiales de Enlace en Venezuela – Community of liaison officers in Venezuela), a professional organization made up of the Police Officers of the Embassies present in the country and accredited commissions that are dedicated to fighting drug trafficking and fighting any form of crime.

In April 2013 assumes the position of Director of the Anti-Crime Division and Substitute Director of the Administrative and Social Police Division of the Vercelli Police Headquarters and then Director of the Anti-Crime Division of the Police Headquarters of Verona. In February 2015 he became Head of Cabinet of the Verona Police Headquarters. In September 2017 he was appointed Vicar of the Quaestor of Lecco and from 6 July 2020 he was Vicar of the Quaestor of Varese.

Dr During his career Mazza has attended several specialist courses, including the “1st experimental course for the training of negotiators on the occasion of hostage taking”, organized at the Police Institute by the Central Prevention Police Directorate and the US FBI, the course for “Unit Managers under coverage “organized by the Central Directorate for Drug Services, organizing in March 2009, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Central Directorate for Drug Services, the course” Antisequestro for Police Forces and Venezuelan Intelligence Bodies – CICPC ( Cuerpo de Investigaciones Científicas, Penales y
Criminalistics), Bolivarian National Guard and DISIP (Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services) ”tenutosi to Caracas.

Among the various awards received during his career there is that for the capture in Paris of Angelo Izzo, escaped from Alexandria prison and the capture in Panama of Gianni GUIDO, both responsible for the Circeo massacre, fugitive since 1985 and escaped from the Buenos Aires prison. He was awarded the honor of the Honor al Mérito, granted by the Command of the Dirección de Procesamiento de Información Delictual of the Bolivarian Guardia Nacional of Venezuela.

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