Police have arrested a man suspected of severely assaulting his parents


On 21/7/2020 in the afternoon, a report was received at the police station from citizens about shouts and calls for help heard from the neighbors’ apartment in a building in Ashdod.

Israeli police officers arrived at the scene immediately and noticed a man in his 30s inside the apartment, who was shouting at his parents and threatening to murder them. The suspect was arrested by the police and brought for questioning by the Ashdod police.

During the interrogation it became clear that the suspect demanded from his father to buy him beer and cigarettes immediately and after being asked by his father to wait until he finished eating-started yelling at him and told him that “this night all of you I will kill, tonight I will not sleep, can not sleep without drinking, without anything”. Immediately afterwards, the suspect pushed his father, grabbed him by the shirt and told him “I will kill you, I will strangle you if you do not buy me beer and cigarettes now” Later the suspect approached his mother and told her “today I will finish you”. During a quick and professional investigation, police investigators collected evidence and gathered evidence against the suspect.

A serious indictment was filed today against the suspect by the Prosecution Division of the Israel Police for threats and assault in the Ashkelon Magistrate’s Court. A request was also submitted to detain the suspect until the end of the proceedings against him.

The Israel Police stated: “The Israel Police views incidents of violence very seriously, and the police will act by all means and levels in order to locate those violent criminals and bring them to justice.”

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