Poland, elections: President Duda wins


Outgoing Polish President Andrzej Duda defeated the liberal Rafal Trzaskowski on the ballot. With 99.7% of the votes counted, Duda is 51.2% and wins the head-to-head. According to the data of the electoral commission, Trzaskowski stops at 48.79%. About 500 thousand votes of difference between the two candidates.


Poland in the presidential ballot, a challenge between Duda and Trzaskowski

The voters were almost 68%, a record turnout for Poland, in what has been seen in many parts as a referendum between two opposing views of the country and its relations with the European Union. Duda has announced plans to move forward with his controversial reforms on justice, abortion and LGBT rights. Duda, 48, a lawyer, has been in charge as head of state since 2015. Representative of the nationalist party in law and justice (PiS), in the first round of the presidential elections, on June 28, he had obtained 43.5% of the votes.



Poland, Lech Walesa on the ballot: “Poland unite to save itself from nationalism”

Former MEP and mayor of the capital Warsaw, Trzaskowski – a member of the liberal center-right party Civic Platform – had stopped at 30.46% in the first round.



Warsaw Mayor: “Elections in Poland are a test for European democracy”

“We are gathering information on several irregularities,” Civic Platform official Tomasz Siemoniak told Reuters news agency.

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