Poland, conservatives in power against Germany: “The media should not publish critical articles against the president”


BERLIN – Next Sunday, voting in Poland for the second round of the presidential elections and the tones chosen by the sovereign majority in power are getting harder. At the cost of also seeking clashes with the major allied countries and friends. The first target, the imaginary enemy, is often Germany, the engine of Europe led by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Polish power has just used tones of unprecedented harshness towards the ambassador of the first European economic power and first commercial partner of Poland itself.The German ambassador to Warsaw had to endure the rudeness of a harsh injunction to ban any German-owned Polish media from publishing any critical articles or comments to the young current President-in-Office, Andrzej Duda. Which the head of the federal diplomatic representation in Warsaw and the German government he obviously represents cannot accept or translate into practice, given that in Germany the media is free.


First round of the presidential elections in Poland. The sovereign president is leading the polls

The critical articles against Duda that irritated the majority came out on the Polish popular sheet Fakt, owned by the German publishing group Axel Springer. President Duda himself has increased the dose by pronouncing in public, according to quotes and press reports, anti-German phrases: “Vote for me next Sunday because only with me president will you be sure to have someone as head of state who will never allow Germany to choose who sits in the Polish presidency “. Words that seem to compare macabre and at the same time obscene German democracy today with Hitler’s Germany or with the so-called German Democratic Republic, which prompted Jaruzelski and his junta to crush Solidarnosc with a coup d’état on 13 December 1981 threatening in otherwise, a Russian intervention and its army, the dreaded Nationale Voklksarmee, in Poland.In recent polls Duda appears to be in vain, but slight, on his challenger, the liberal-conservative and pro-European Rafal Trzaskoswki. After the “lgbtq lobby”, the Polish sovereigns, while remaining in power at all costs, found yet another bogeyman: peaceful, democratic Germany. Meanwhile, as reported by Polish online media, Duda has been accused of letting guilty pedophiles give clemency. To affirm the newspaper Rzeczpospolita and tv TVN24.

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