Plex adds free TV channels to streaming software


With this, Plex hopes to further expand its legal video offering. The software started as a collection point for films and series of users, which were also often downloaded illegally.

Worldwide, users can watch more than eighty live channels, 71 of which are available in the Netherlands. Hety mainly concerns channels that broadcast classic series or news programs.

The legal offer at Plex has been growing for some time. Earlier, the streaming software added a library of free movies and series, which are funded with displayed ads. It is also possible to add web shows or music on Tidal to a Plex library.

Meeting point

Plex plans to eventually become a rallying point for all streaming services, said Plex CEO Keith Valory in August 2019. However, chances are that large streaming services such as Netflix, Disney + and Apple TV + will join the app.

The legal offering is shown in users’ existing libraries so they have all their available videos in one place. Those who are not interested in the new live channels can disable them from the settings.

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