PlayStation, Sony could buy Warframe and Gears Tactics studios –


According to Bloomberg, Sony would be among the potential buyers of Leyou, the Hong Kong holding which owns, among other things, the studio of Warframe is that of Gears Tactics. In addition, Leyou would be working with Amazon to produce the video game based on the Lord of the Rings series and owns 20% of Certain Affinity, a studio made up of former Bungie. It would be a nice addition to the first party developer portfolio PlayStation Studios.

The news was also picked up by Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst of Niko Partners and usually well-informed person on the Eastern market. According to the first rumors, the Japanese giant is trying to enter a negotiation that also involves iDreamsky (which has the ubiquitous Tencent behind it) and the competitor Century Huatong.

The market value of the company would hover around 1.1 billion dollars, also thanks to the 10% increase in the value of the shares after the Sony news was released.

By acquiring Leyou, Sony would get its hands mainly on Digital Extremes, the Warframe studio, but also that of The Darkness II and Splash Damage, the studio of Gears Tactics, but also of Brink. The holding also owns 20% of Certain Affinity, a studio founded in 2006 by 2006 by Max Hoberman and other former Bungie employees, committed to collaborating with 343 Industries on various content related to the Halo franchise.

What would you think of this acquisition?

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