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After Microsoft, Starbucks, Ford and Coca-Cola now also Sony and PlayStation they decide to remove all of them advertising from Facebook is Instagram. The decision was made to “protest” against the choice of Mark Zuckerberg’s companies that he did not want to take a stand against the hate demonstrations and fake news that meander uncontrollably between their social media pages.

George Floyd’s death is sparking several protest reactions in the United States. Some come from below, like the Black Lives Matter movement, others from above. This initiative, for example, goes to touch the wallets of some big companies, in this case Facebook. In fact, many other large companies have agreed to boycott the social empire of Mark Zuckerberg, guilty of not taking measures even against manifest expressions of hatred or patently false news. For example, what Twitter, Reddit and Twitch are doing, which have even gone so far as to ban the President of the United States Donald Trump.

Despite the fact that social media is not the problem and although it is not preventing certain expressions from circulating the solution for the network, many companies have decided to give a strong sign and not to buy advertising for a month on Facebook and Instagram in protest, hoping to push the Menlo Park company to take a firmer stance on these issues.

Despite the agreement for Mixer, Microsoft has already said it wants to participate in the boycott of at least 30 days of Facebook. Now it’s also the turn of PlayStation and Sony to join the protest #StopHateForProfit.

In these days of protests, too personality like Dr DisRespect they paid duty and maybe they will never know and the reasons for his ban.

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