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Rome. “Nowa is all chiaro: it was a judicial coup, as I have always claimed, to take out the protagonist of Italian politics who opposed the power of the left and the overwhelming power of a part of the judiciary that conditions and conditions the democratic life of our country “. Silvio Berlusconi tastes revenge and his political rebirth in a moment of discredit for the currents of the judiciary after the Palamara case and of difficulties of the government and in debt for oxygen and votes in the Senate. The Knight relies on the words of a magistrate, Amedeo Franco, meanwhile deceased, who in an old recording published by the Reformist and relaunched on Time, Il Giornale and the transmission Quarta Repubblica, maintains that the Mediaset trial had been “a platoon of execution “:” Berlusconi must be condemned a priori because he is a rascal! In my opinion, he was treated unfairly and suffered a serious injustice … The impression that this whole affair was guided from above ». It is clear that all Fi like a tortoise goes on the attack and asks for a commission of inquiry not only on the Berlusconi case, which because of that sentence was “expelled” from the Senate and was forced to social services. An investigation, as Antonio Tajani said, also “on all the bad functioning of criminal justice on Italian justice, starting from Togliatti when he inserted judges who came from the PCI”. “The words we heard from Doctor Franco – Tajani insists in a press conference in the Senate – will make us understand that there has been a judicial coup not only against Berlusconi but against the democracy of our country”. Shortly before, in the classroom of Palazzo Madama, the blue senators had hoisted placards with the words “Truth for Berlusconi” and “Justice for Berlusconi”.

The group leader of Fi Bernini asked that the Knight be immediately appointed senator for life: “Berlusconi, a political giant, must be rehabilitated”. But the blues go further with Giorgio Mulè who speaks of “theft of democracy which found fertile ground in the buildings of representative democracy and up … up to the Quirinale led at the time by Napolitano”. It is the old thesis of the coup d’état against the opposition leader, “the man – explains Maria Stella Gelmini – who for 20 years had obtained the consent of millions of Italians”. Meloni and Salvini line up with the Knight, who considers the request to appoint Berlusconi senator for life to be founded. Matteo Renzi also claims that it is necessary to clarify.

But what pressures is Franco talking about? Judge Antonio Esposito, who presided over the working section of the Cassation in 2013, denies having received any from the Milan Public Prosecutor. In a note, the judge made it known that this was a “false” allegation, as the fact that his son Ferdinando had been “caught” in possession of drugs was completely invented. “The extreme gravity of Franco’s assertion involved, before such infamy was given to public opinion, the verification of the validity of this news.” Ferdinando Esposito also feels defamed and for this he will resort to the judiciary. It is the Cassation itself that takes the field to specify that the trial took place “in full respect of the natural judge”. The Cassation says more: the motivation of the sentence was signed by all the magistrates of the college, including Francor.

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